Andi Osho: All the Single Ladies

Andi Osho: All the Single Ladies
Pleasance Courtyard

Some people say relationships are the key to life.  In these fantastic fifty minutes, Andi Osho performs an excellent stand-up routine revolving around the fact that she is supposedly single.  Every night she picks a member of the audience to go on a date with her.  In the performance that I was at, she picked a very nice dentist.

While watching Andi work her charm on the audience, it is difficult to believe she has not been on a date for three years with her abundant charisma, wit and beautiful smile.  She manages to maintain a good rapport with the audience for the full duration of the show.  She is also very good at taking advantage of the technical facilities available; for example, whenever an audience member speaks, a spotlight is shone on them.

The audience also add comic value to the show, and is an integral part of the act.   When Osho asked, “who is single?” a small, older woman shouted out that she was and, later in the conversation, we found out that she was, in fact, married but, single tonight!  Andi uses the audience as a great comic prop in this way, and to a certain extent, as a script.  As audience participation is fundamental to the show, and there is a different audience each night, it follows that each of Andi’s performances will never be the same.

This is a lovely touch that creates an intimate individualistic experience for the audience.  We are told about Osho’s experiences of dating and she likes to humour the different relationships of people sitting in the Cabaret Bar at the Pleasance.  I am not surprised that it was sold out as Osho’s comic value had the audience in tears throughout the show.