An Instinct for Kindness

An Instinct for Kindness
Pleasance Dome

If ever a show is truly deserving of a 5 star review and classic praise phrase, it is this one-man show by Chris Larner. In an empty room with just a chair, he beautifully and creatively shares the story of his ex-wife’s struggle with multiple sclerosis and the arduous journey to terminate her life at Switzerland’s Dignitas Clinic. The result is nothing short of perfection, and a privilege to witness this stunning portrayal of tragic and profound truth.

The performance is honest, simple and elegantly written, with an impeccable balance between laughter and emotionally touching moments. These moments are modestly administered, sitting long enough to impact, but he does not milk them. I was hanging onto his every word, gesture and expression as he creates such a vivid picture of his wife Allyson without costume or makeup. The effect is haunting and more effective than I could ever imagine a man acting as a woman could be, and the room wept unashamedly.

Unusually, I do not have a bad word to say about this show; it is literally numbing and it is difficult to articulate exactly how powerful this performance is without recommending you see it for yourself