An Act of Godley:Jane Godley


An Act of Godley:Janey Godley


Laughing Horse@The Free Sisters
(Venue 272)


August 16-28


Donald Trump, Isis, and plumbers had better look out because Janey Godley and her fearless posse of over-50s Glaswegian women are coming for you. In a hilarious set which had the punters doubled-over laughing, Godley spells out her unique solutions to some of the problems stalking the world today. Drop that Glasgow posse into Syria and they’ll sort it out in no time, providing there’s a Gregg’s of course. Take down Donald Trump and his pompous security team with a few well-chosen words scrawled on a piece of lino. As for the plumbers, and other tradesmen, let’s just say they’d be well advised not to go down into the basement with any pre-menopausal women.

But it’s not all about the “big issues”. She also brings it closer to home, to her own life There’s the indulgent neighbours, who let their kids vandalize cars, who soon change their minds after a word from the – let’s just say scary lady – across the street. There’s the husband with Asperger’s whose literal take on role-playing leads not to spicing up their their love life, but a speech about the benefits of green energy; and the dad with dementia who makes up the story of his life so as not to disappoint his carer.

Don’t think of this as a Free Fringe show, think of it as an encounter with a comedian at the top of her game who swears and shouts and smashes her way through all the issues of the day and leaves you gasping with laughter. But beware, because while you’re busy laughing at “them”, she will also have you questioning some of your own attitudes.