Alexis Dubus- A R#ddy Brief History of Swearing



Underbelly George Square (venue 300)

Aug 15th only



Shit, cunting, fucking, arsehole are words that come out my mouth frequently in August, when racing between venues, trying to dodge the flyerers. We use these words so often rarely do we ever stop and consider where they originate and  why they feel good to say. Well, for one night only Alexis Dubus, better known as the French, alternative comedian Marcel Lucont is here to educate on everything we never knew about swearing, which it turns out is a lot.

The show is packed with historical accounts, trivia, neuroscience and discussions of censorship through the ages. It’s witty and insightful, think of it like the episode of QI the BBC would never dare to make. While Dubus is no Stephen Fry, his laid back approach to the material gives a charm and warmth over the crude subject matter. It’s no wonder the audience were lapping it up, hooting away and at one point shouting out local insults from around the world…I piss in your mothers bum was my personal highlight.

The show is deceptively simple but there’s a lot going on here, it’s jam packed with information, even debunking many myths we thought were fact. It’s perfectly paced and fully formed. I especially loved that it looked back but also forward to swearing in the future, highlighting how the internet is shaping new naughty words.

Martin Miller