Al Porter: At Large



Pleasance Courtyard.    (Venue 33)

August 3rd to 28th  (not 15th)



Here is a dynamic, energetic, outrageous gay comedian who clearly greatly enjoys what he is doing. We are taken on a tour of his family in Ireland, of his happenings in his parents’ house, of a famous porch, priests have to get a mention, and we build to an ending of glorious musical blasphemy.

Al is a master of his art and only twenty three, and he enjoys great repartee with audience members. You feel there is more material that he could use if he had more time, and his speed can be breathtaking. Some of the material was not greatly original, and pretty mainstream, and it would have been good to feel that at times things were a bit more edgy, more dangerous.

However, the audience had a great time and Al seemed to delight in their response. This is an excellent show to end the day with; it will take away any jadedness that has accrued, and will send you off into the midnight with a broad smile and many hilarious moments to savour.


Tony Challis