Editors Interview – Holly Morgan: Madonna or Whore?


Holly Morgan returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year to bring an end to misogyny in a tidal wave of stand-up, character-comedy, song and dance, which gives new meaning to the term “pop philosophy”. Our Editor caught up with Holly to see whats new.


Hi Holly, tell me about Madonna or whore?
‘Madonna or Whore’ is a musical comedy about misogyny using the songs of Madonna. I make my partner dress up as Sigmund Freud so that I can cram something I vaguely remember from university into an hour and a half Madonna karaoke…and do jokes about the big, important issues of our time; Jack the Ripper, ‘Love Actually’ and my own pubis.
You’re back in Edinburgh, what brought you back?
Well, when the news broke about Weinstein, I was as scandalised as the British tabloid press was to discover that the entertainment industry exploits women. I mean, who knew?! So I thought I’d come up here and sort out all this inequality business once and for all.
Your show discusses controversial woman, who is your inspirational woman?
Madonna Louise Ciccone. She is the still the QUEEN. She has been an unfaltering, stalwart advocate for gay rights, worked tirelessly to promote peace and provide education all over the world. All that, whilst consistently challenging and redefining the fabric of what we call pop music. But look at the fucking disgraceful headline from the Daily Mail on her 60th birthday last week! She does an incredibly classy, beautiful photo shoot for fucking VOGUE, and she is accused of being an attention seeker. I assume the Daily Mail was anticipating that she would turn 60, withdraw to a small shack in the woods to wait for some orphans to come and eat her gingerbread house, before in turn feasting on her lonesome, withered remains. Potentially while Guy Ritchie tolled the ‘Shame’ bell. They clearly haven’t been paying attention.
Go on, tell us your favourite Madonna song and why?
Gah! Sophie’s choice! Ok, ‘Dress You Up.’ It’s a fucking banger but it’s also an empowerment anthem. She sings about the guy in that song like he’s some sort of sexy bonbon all done up for her pleasure. I don’t think that many female artists put that across well in 2018, let alone in 1984.
Why should people come to see you show?
I’m singing the greatest pop songs ever written. Booked yet? Ok, fine, I also do a diva impressions medley featuring Celine, Cher, Bassey, Britney, Tina, Christina and Liza whilst Sigmund Freud vogues the house down. And somewhere in there is an important message about how misogyny doesn’t begin and end with sexual violence.
Where can people see you?
Assembly Roxy, 7:35, all month except the 14th. And on the 14th you can see me in the Regent. I’ll be the one in the corner wearing Madonna’s 2018 Met Ball look reimagined for bin liners and desperation.

Taylor Crockett