Flawless: Intergalactic Dream

Flawless: Intergalactic Dream
Pleasance Courtyard

Flawless had flaws, many of them. From the hype Flawless received from Britain’s Got Talent I was expecting to be astounded, but I was far from it. I did not think that this group of dancers had any talent worth the £10 admission fee.  Every dance move involved could have been taught to the average young person.

The performance was also broken up by a very poor, weak storyline about Flawless’ journey into space. This dreadful plot took up more of the time than the dancing itself. Between acts, the entertainment was miserable: a pre-recorded presentation where the audience performed a very trivial act with their hands.

If this intermission was needed for a costume change, then one of the members could have performed a solo act.  Another point that let the show down was that some of the music was recorded straight from Britain’s Got Talent, so included the screaming over the music. There was no need for this.

I am not saying Flawless have no talent, nor are they completely flawed. I have seen them perform the right sequences on Britain’s Got Talent, so was disappointed that this was not represented in their Fringe performance.