7 Day Drunk

7 Day Drunk
Assembly George Square


Melding documentary footage, live music and dance, elaborate costume and audience participation, Bryony Kimmings shared her 7 day experiment which asked the question ‘is alcohol really linked to an artist’s creativity and confidence?.

The performance stemmed from this week’s investigation alone, during which she maintained an intoxicated state, and put her artistic capabilities to the test. The result is a very entertaining, and unpredictable show, which playfully conveyed a serious message about alcoholism and its damaging effects on an emotional, psychological and physical level. She succeeded in encouraging everyone to lose their inhibitions by making herself vulnerable, getting an audience member drunk; in the name of science, encouraging a select few singletons to make out, and finally got everyone onstage dancing.

Kimmings is an engaging storyteller, erratic, colourful, energetic and comical personality. She makes you want to watch her, and I’d recommend doing just that.