52 Man Pick-Up

52 Man Pick-Up
Hill Street Theatre

Billed as having ‘Refreshing honesty, and unbelievable energy’; I can’t help but see the irony, that I was bored, and exhausted watching her. Her delivery was hurried and remained at a constant pace throughout so that her words just fell out of her, like her breasts did over the top of her trashy costume. The show claimed that ‘Desiree Burch masterfully mixes language, presence and razor wit’, but there was nothing intelligent about the comedy.

I felt ambushed (although a little impressed) by her cleavage as she reeled off the 52 sexual encounters, each represented by a playing card, and ranked according to experience. She attempted to make a game of her heart-ache using card games and encouraging the audience to participate, so I would say that it is a show to watch after a few drinks, as my fellow audience members demonstrated. The negative experiences she has had in her life weren’t funny, and the way that she described and performed them wasn’t clever, it was pitiful. This loud and proud character was flippant but at times I could hear her voice crack a little when she spoke so boldly about the men who have hurt her and made her feel worthless. Rather than allowing potentially poignant moments to alter the pace, she degraded herself and despite the busty, brazen façade she did not appear as a strong independent woman, and displayed the opposite of female empowerment.

Performing was clearly therapeutic for her, but i found it un-relatable, and undignified. Nevertheless, she should be praised for her bravery as she made herself completely vulnerable, even if she did just appear to be gagging for an upgrade to a tarot pack.