3D Hamlet – A Lost Generation

3D Hamlet – A Lost Generation
theSpaces on the Mile

I went to this production with high hopes, thinking it may be a really imaginative take on this classic. Maybe the company should have held out for a venue more suited to what they were trying to do, but the problems are not simply with the venue.

The most positive aspect of the evening was Anthony Rapp’s performance as Hamlet. He gave depth and consistency to the proceedings.

We were given 3d glasses on entry. We only needed these briefly in the middle. However, the curtain on which the projection was done was heavily folded and inappropriate, and sitting at the side as I was they were really of no use to me. Various tabloid paper projections were similarly of no help to me. A good idea wasted.

The play inevitably had to be cut, but I think I have never before seen a Hamlet where the last act was cut! Hamlet was also seen talking with Ophelia when he was supposedly in England. The ghost was barely heard. But Hamlet was seen to be overhearing things that made his subsequent speeches quite odd.

The company have tried to be different, but I think they have made a lot of poor decisions here, and a radical rethink would be needed to make this more satisfying.