Scott Agnew: Tales of the Sauna

15 Aug
Scott Agnew: Tales of the Sauna
The Stand III & IV
11:40pm (run ends 26th August)

This is a tall guy with a big talent in a small room. He needs a bigger space! The room was full tonight with a crowd who showed their rich appreciation. He has an almost immediate rapport with the audience, and makes us feel as though we are chatting at the bar with him. His willingness to be open with us draws us in – early on he tells us about his first sauna visit, and the innocent boy effect goes down well. There are a lot of good laughs in this section, but that is only the first of many.

Then we are on a hilarious trip round the land, including Barnsley, Manchester. London and Edinburgh, having done his native Glasgow earlier. There are varied but laugh out loud things happening in each place, and we learn why the manager of a scuzzy pub may be better off without an entertainments licence.

We meet a range of characters that those who know saunas will be familiar with. Some of them will stay in the mind and not be easily forgotten. Be careful that recalling them doesn’t make you laugh in inappropriate locations…. For those who don’t know this scene this will be a very enlightening and entertaining trip. Tonight, most of us admitted to being familiar with the subject – naturally.

Go along and fill this little room and petition for Scott’s promotion to a bigger one. You will have an extremely enjoyable time, and maybe even feel that you want to do your own research – just to check that Scott’s extensive efforts have been truly recorded. I’m sure they have.



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