Bourgeois & Maurice: Sugartits

Bourgeois & Maurice: Sugartits
Underbelly, Cowgate
10:15pm (run ends 27th August)

Georgeois Bourgeois and Maurice Maurice are a wonderfully comedic musical cabaret act who ask all the important questions such as ‘what happened to Rick Moranis?’. They ooze charisma as they sing and narrate their way through an hour of androgynous irreverent neo-cabaret comedy. Working by their own definitions of Cabaret they are a fantastically witty pairing delivering a biting, sugar-coated satire of middle-class anxieties.

The evening of entirely original music is rife with catchy, well written melodies which explore the ‘tropical optimism’ of Sarah Palin, global warming, emotional distance, the eroticism of taxes, social media, and the phone-hacking scandal to name a few. Ending the show with a wonderful number which is both hilarious and cuttingly satirical saying ‘it’s OK to be gay, but don’t be disabled… it’s OK to black but don’t be foreign’.

Complete with extravagantly detailed costumes, heels and false eye-lashes Bourgeois & Maurice are an incredibly talented and gracious pairing of cosmic performers aiming to ‘turn the ozone layer into vintage lace’ and taking Edinburgh by storm whilst doing so. An absolute must-see.