Dirty Blood

Dirty Blood
theSpace on North Bridge
6:35pm (run ends 18th August)

Sam has problems. He is very concerned about his mother’s illness. His relationship with his sister is not good and that with her boyfriend is worse. His mother needs a blood transfusion. This play asks the question – which may be better – gay blood or hetero blood? Even which may be better – a gay proposal of marriage or a hetero one? Yes, there are a number of issues in this play, centrally the one about gays giving blood, where there is still a twelve month restriction.

The various issues are handled nimbly in the script, which never gets bogged down in theory, but is often sharp, funny and also moving. The relationship between Sam (Edward Nash) and his boyfriend Joe (Matthew Howell) is portrayed very convincingly, and you believe in the depth of their connection. Sister Emma (Michelle Fahrenheim) is a more complex character, with whose dilemmas we are led to sympathise. And we have probably all known people like Emma’s unsympathetic and demanding boyfriend, Charlie (Stevie Raine).

This short play takes the viewer a considerable distance, helped by some witty scene interludes, and encourages feelings of frustration, of emotional empathy and of anger. This last has its place. It is good to see such a skilful and well-acted play which deals effectively with gay issues. We could do with more plays of this type and calibre.