Helen Keen: Robot Woman of Tomorrow

08 Aug
Helen Keen: Robot Woman of Tomorrow
Pleasance Courtyard
3.30pm (run ends 26th August)

Keen is back on top form with her unique style of geeky humour, DIY props and shadow puppetry. In this exceptional hour you will laugh so hard your abs will feel like they’ve been beaten to within an inch of your life, and you will come away wiser and educated. There are several science-based shows on this year, but none of them manage to pull it off quite like Keen – and she was doing it years before the Big Bang Theory ever did! Here we have our very own sexy scientist, along with the Enormo-Maiden to illuminate us about a variety of topics from futurist female role models, to the inventor of photocopiers and how much we reveal of ourselves online.

Keen draws the audience in with a slightly self deprecating glimpse of her crushed dreams, failed relationship and high expectations. She talks of a sheltered childhood shrouded in sci-fi, and educates us on the fascinating topic of fan fiction. Keen plays us a video of the world’s first sex robot, and ponders how this fits into the context of society and the emotional responses this would receive.

Once again Keen has produced a show that’s fresh, upbeat and proves that science really can be sexy. There were many Keen fans in the queue to this show, excitedly anticipating what she’d pull out of the bag this year. Keen stayed behind at the end to chat to fans, and this humility all adds to her charm. A mid-afternoon show that will make you laugh, make you think and most of all make you glad that you picked this exquisite little number to pass the afternoon.


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