Chris Dangerfield: Sex Tourist

08 Aug
Chris Dangerfield: Sex Tourist
The Hive
5:45pm (run ends 26thAugust)

Situated in a windowless underground space with a low curved ceiling painted in dark brown, this room looks more appropriate for Hitler’s suicide than a comedy performance.  Sorry, that might upset someone.   It’s like watching a show inside the shell of an armadillo (is that whimsical enough for you?).  This odd environment does not however stop a triumphant performance from Chris Dangerfield.

Eight months ago Dangerfield went on a sex tour of Thailand, sampling every ware peddled by the prostitutes of this unique country.  He relapsed from being an ex-drug addict to very much a current drug addict and lost about five days. There are not many performers that can still be likeable after a story about possibly shooting a child but Dangerfield somehow manages it.

The narrative does occasionally jump around a bit and sections of the story do seem to be missing, but that’s tramadol for you.  In some ways an hour wasn’t enough as it’s hard to condense eight weeks of chaos and debauchery of this nature.  I’d certainly like to know how he ended up waking up to find four TVs in his room all showing the same Japanese porn.  Quite a technical feat when you’re delirious from an overdose.  I can’t imagine the ‘masseuses’ were much help with this either.

Dangerfield’s performance certainly has a feel of Russell Brand, their similar history might explain this and I don’t believe it’s intentional.  The easiest comparison for the show would be with the film The Hangover but the fact that this story is true makes it all the more enjoyable.  It’s certainly not a fancy show and he doesn’t dance around the more graphic areas of his tale but even if you aren’t strong of stomach, see this show.  With its depth of emotion, fantastic set-ups and cast of drug addicts and prostitutes I’d have to say THIS really is ‘the greatest story ever told’.  Yes, I am saying what you think I am.


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