Celia Pacquola: Delayed

Celia Pacquola: Delayed
Gilded Balloon
7pm (run ends 27th August)

Pacquola leaps on stage unleashing some intentionally ugly dance moves, setting the scene for what is going to be a fast-paced and energetic hour of comedy that hits the audience like bullets.

The frame of Pacquola’s performance is the life-altering move she made from Oz to ‘find herself’ in the UK.  Throughout her show she shares with the audience her findings, including ‘how to make an air hostess’s head explode’, internal murderous impulses, and using public transport toilets.  Packed full of funny, Pacquola peppers some real emotion in there, sharing anecdotes of her almost asexual long distance relationship and whether it really is brave to move to the other side of the world on an aimless venture.

Pacquola’s special brand of observational humour touches on subjects all audience members can relate to – and this is why the hour passes in a quick and constant sixty minutes of absurd zany dialogue.  In her Australian drawl, Pacquola interacts with the audience, including them in every tale she weaves.  I’m still not sure what the title Delayed refers to though, and there were a couple of instances that I wanted to press a mute button on Pacquola as she ‘waaaaaaah-ed’ into the microphone like an infant with a temper tantrum. However not even that could detract from what was otherwise a very witty performance.