Editor’s Comedy Picks part 2

05 Jul

Jen Brister

The openly gay Jen Brister earned a rare five star review from ScotsGay’s Fringe editor, Martin Walker, last year. According to latest reports, for 2012 she’s somehow managed to produce a show that’s even better! Wow. Just the Tonic at The Caves/2-26 Aug. 7:35pm. GET TICKETS

Imagine the bitchiest, most caustic drag queen and then trap him in a women’s body. Add a strong dose of well crafted and intelligent material and you get Jo Caufield – one of the very best comics around.  Need we say that gay men love her? Stand Comedy Club1/1-26 Aug. 8:15pm. GET TICKETS

Jim Jefferies

Another comic with a strong gay following is Jim Jefferies. His straight talking, direct humour is frequently called offensive by people who don’t understand stand-up comedy. His popularity with gay folk is entirely down to the fact that he’s really very good. Even amongst the gay community he divides opinion though – for example, is he better with or without the goatee? The Assembly Hall/2-26 Aug. 9pm. GET TICKETS

The comedy blues trio, Jonny & the Baptists present their Edinburgh début this year, and we can be sure this’ll be a firm fringe favourite.  Their songs are original, laugh-out-loud funny, and bloody catchy.  You’d be a damn fool not to see them. Underbelly Cowgate/2-26 Aug. 9:10pm GET TICKETS

If ScotsGay were casting the next series of Channel 4’s 10 o’clock Live, Josie Long would be at the helm. Her mix of whimsy with unashamedly left wing satire delivered Long an Edinburgh Comedy award nomination in 2011. Many are saying that 2012 will be her year. Pleasance Courtyard/1-27 Aug. 6pm. GET TICKETS

Writer of the rather marvellous musical fringe hit, JUMP, Kelly Kingham returns to Edinburgh with a solo stand-up show. The fact that the Free Fringe can attract comedians of this calibre has got to be welcomed. The Royal Mile Tavern/4-25 Aug. 1:30pm FREE

Kev Orkian

Back in Edinburgh for the third time with an all too limited Fringe run, the leading piano playing comic Kev Orkian will this year explain why he’s the world’s favourite foreigner. If you’ve never seen him perform, check out his website for some quite spectacular musical clips. theSpace @ Symposium Hall/13-25 Aug. 8:10pm.  GET TICKETS

If Kylie were a stand-up comic, she would be Lucy Porter. Not only is Porter of a, ahem, similar height, but more importantly, her act has made her into a gay icon. The reason? Behind those impossibly good looks (she doesn’t seem to age) is a strong women with real talent. Don’t underestimate her; she has one of the best delivered sets around.  Stand Comedy Club1/2-26 Aug. 6pm. GET TICKETS

Fresh from becoming the winner of the Best International Act at the Brighton Fringe this year is Canadian Mae Martin. Unbelievably, at the age of 23 she’s already celebrating a decade of ‘doing comedy’. She’s very funny, and her tomboy good looks make her extremely popular with gay ladies… nice. Just the Tonic at the Caves/2-26 Aug. 4pm. GET TICKETS

Michael Pope sold his successful US midtown bike messenger company to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a filmmaker. Out of money and with only half of a terrible film in the corner (opposite the piles of unpaid bills), he desperately scanned the back of the Village Voice where he found the ad: ‘Men. Phones. No Sales’. Michael Pope is Gay for Pay. Laughing Horse @ The Phoenix/2-26 Aug. 10:45pm. FREE

After taking home the 2012 Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Comedy, Michael Workman will bring his highly acclaimed show Mercy to the Fringe. In 1960s Cuba a man is exiled for criticising Castro’s regime. Pushed out to sea with nothing but a pile of cabbages, Augustus must conquer his fears to return home. This is a comedy about family, love and strength. Workman’s gothic and honest observations and philosophies make him one of the more unique performers in Australian comedy. He doesn’t shy away from ‘difficult’ topics, nor does he simply ‘toe the line’. Balloon Teviot/1-26 Aug. 6:15pm. GET TICKETS

Milo McCabe

What’s it like being the son of a comedian? Character comic Milo McCabe presents a funny and moving show based around the life of his father, old school comic and New Faces finalist, Mike. Milo plays different people from his Dad’s past in an idiosyncratic show that examines the changing nature of British comedy since the seventies, as well as the issue of having a comedian for a father. Gilded Balloon Teviot/1-26 Aug. 5:35pm. GET TICKETS

Weaving magic and comedy with his life story, Rob Bailey explores his childhood love of supernatural mysteries, work in secure psychiatric wards, and becoming a veteran Edinburgh performer. Delivered with sensitivity, humour and baffling psychological illusions, Mind Reading for Breakfast simultaneously demonstrates the power of psychology and mental traps exploited by mystics. Sweet Grassmarket/11-27 Aug. 11:30am. GET TICKETS

The world is shrinking, the economy’s shrinking and comic songwriter Mitch Benn is shrinking. In Jan 2011 he weighed 25 stone (that’s 350lb if you’re American and 160kg if you’re properly foreign). By last year’s Edinburgh Fringe he had lost ten stone. How did he do it? Where’s it gone? How the hell did he reach 25 stone in the first place? And the real question; what will he (and we) do now? Music. Mirth. Morbid obesity. Stand Comedy Club3/2-26 Aug. 7:30pm. GET TICKETS

The News at Kate used to be one of those shows that seemed far too good for the Free Fringe – then the Free Fringe got really, really good.  Kate Smurthwaite’s annual satirical show returns for another year in which she explores ‘the news, being in the news, and being on the news’. Ciao Roma/4-25 Aug. 8:20pm. FREE

Otto Kuhnle

Berliner, Otto Kuhnle has survived the wild punk and squatter era of the 80s, has seen the Berlin Wall fall and is now witnessing his old run-down district Neukölln changing into a trendy area. Five years ago, in his street you still got paid to live in one of the flats. Now they rent the same hovels to hipsters from all over the world at exorbitant prices… that they still find really cheap. Join Malcolm Hardee Award Winner and Henning Wehn’s partner in German Humour as he makes his solo debut at The Fringe, in an hour of Teutonic mirth, music and yes – gnome juggling. Assembly George Square/2-26 Aug. 4:40pm. GET TICKETS

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