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Editor’s Comedy Picks part 1

Aaron Twitchen

Comedy rules at the Edinburgh Fringe. Here is part one of LGBT and LGBT friendly comedy shows – as picked by the editor.

As 20-nothings leave University they are facing a world with no jobs, no hopes, no Woolworths. The futures bleak. Where we used to dream of becoming Doctors and Politicians young people now dream of becoming reality stars and Kerry Katona’s nipple tweaker. Few of these dreams are ever realised. Enter hot gay stand-up, Aaron Twitchen. Too young for a breakdown, too poor for therapy. Southsider/4-25 Aug. 7pm. FREE

Kiwi Al Pitcher returns to the Fringe after a five year absence with his delightful new show Tiny Triumphs. In this show, Al reflects on how sometimes, the small things that we achieve in life can be the most important. How when we look back, it can be some of our more modest achievements that really shine through and make us what we are. Using his signature combination of fast-firing gags, and silly tales, you can look forward to an hour of laughter, with razor-sharp wit and quirky stories from this zealous and gifted performer. Gilded Balloon Teviot/1-26 Aug. 8:15pm. GET TICKETS

Andrew Doyle

Andrew Doyle, of-course, is a firm ScotsGay favourite. He’s been gigging as a stand up for just three years, but he stormed the fringe in 2011 with his début solo show directed by Scott Cappuro.  He’s keeping mum about this year’s hotly anticipated follow up, but we know to expect a good time from one the UK’s premier  gay comedians. Loved by the critics and the public alike – we urge you to find out why.  Just the Tonic at the Coves/2-26 Aug. 8pm. GET TICKETS

Robert Xavier Pamplemousse Downe (aka Bob Downe)- Australia’s Clown Prince of Polyester – was top of the Edinburgh pops in 2011 and now he’s back by popular demand! Direct from blitzing Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe, you’ll laugh yourself silly as you sing-along with Mark Trevorrow‘s unique creation. Gilded Balloon Teviot/1-26 Aug. 8pm. GET TICKETS

All girl sketch group, The Boom Jennies are firm fringe stalwarts – and are frequently on the top of any Fringe reviewers list. Join Lizzie Bates, Anna Emerson and Catriona Knox for a guaranteed hour of superior silly fun. When you see these ladies leaping about your TV screens in future, remember where you read it first. Pleasance Dome/1-26Aug. 10:45pm. GET TICKETS

Next we have a great opportunity to see excellent young comedians, Bekka Bowling and Shane Todd, plus one surprise star guest in every show.  Better yet, Bowling and Todd +1 is totally free! Definitely worth checking out.  Cabaret Voltaire/4-25 Aug. 1:20pm. FREE

Bridget Christie

Bridget Christie returns to the Fringe at the new Ass Rooms, with a show that sounds more bonkers than ever. Entitled, War Donkey, expect some sharp satirical edges hidden around the delightful silliness.  The Assembly Rooms/1-26 Aug. 1:30pm GET TICKETS

This silver-haired Irishman must be one of the most imaginative self-publicists in the world.  Caimh McDonnell has offered a kind of bribe for critics.  For every review he receives, he will donate £100 to Macmillan Cancer Support.  This means, of course, that if any critic neglects to see his show, they could be responsible for someone’s death.  We at ScotsGay love emotional blackmail, so we’ll be there on day one. Just the Tonic at the Tron/2-26 Aug. 6:20pm. GET TICKETS

Swedish oddball meets superstar, Carl-Einar Häckner appeared at the Fringe a few years back, with sexy circus outfit, La Clique. A regular on Swedish television for the last nine years, he’s now treading the boards to critical acclaim all over the world with his live show. Edinburgh can once again marvel at this Swedish sorcerer as he performs underwhelming feats of magic, sings completely ridiculous songs and proves that foreign accents are almost always funny. Guilded Balloon  Teviot/1-26 Aug. 7:30pm. GET TICKETS

Sarah Archer

Another comic returning for a second year after a début solo show is Sarah Archer. The openly lesbian comedian says she has a Head’s award from middle school, a celebrity nose and some funny stories – but she’s still craving! In the show Constant Craving, she takes a look at the malaise of the modern world. Laughing Horse @ Espionage/3-26 Aug. 4pm. FREE

Possibly the campiest, cuddliest gay in Edinburgh, Craig Hill returns for his 850th year of entertaining gays and Blue Rinsers at the Fringe. His committed, sell out audiences love Craig – and he loves us back – even if the love is returned with a trademark barbed comment. Hilarious,  provocative, cheeky and full of fun energy. Underbelly Bristo Square/2-27 Aug. 7:30pm. GET TICKETS

Croft and Pearce are the natural successors to French and Saunders. Not only that, but, quite frankly, Hannah Croft and Fiona Pearce  are two of the most beautiful funny women you’ll ever see. They’ve been honing their act since their school days – each year they get better and better. Appearing in 2012 in a cheeky wee pre lunch slot. Gilded Balloon Teviot/1-26 Aug. 12 Noon. GET

Okay, so we’ve never actually seen Dan Willis perform, but he deserves some credit surely for having five different solo shows on at this year’s fringe!  Technically, you could see all five in one day, but that might be pushing it.  That said, his shows are all free, so what have you got to lose? The Three Sisters/3-26 Aug. 7:45pm FREE

Daniel Ryan Spaulding

Touring the world as a young, openly gay comic, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding has let go of his humble, soft-spoken Canadian upbringing, awakening his inner badass! Media, celebrity, sex, politics – nothing is off limits! He’s outspoken, he’s lovable, and has perfected the art of the Sassy Snap! He’s performed in 22 countries worldwide, entertaining audiences with his unique brand of polite brutality. The Hudson Hotel/4-25 Aug. 4pm. FREE

Droll raconteur and 2011 Hackney Empire New Act of the Year, David Mills is known for razor-sharp, hilarious banter, cutting commentary and stylish delivery. Ruthless, hysterical rants delivered with acidic precision and spiked glee. In 2011 he was the regular sidekick on Scott Capurro’s chat show. Alternative Fringe @ The Hive/2-27 Aug. 3:45pm FREE

DeAnne Smith

Last year DeAnne Smith made such a good impression on the public and critics alike, that the Canadian born lesbian has returned for another go.  This year she takes a satirical look at what it really means to be wealthy. Gilded Balloon Teviot/1-27 Aug. 7:30pm. GET TICKETS

Gay Straight Alliance is a comedy show for fags and friends! USA based LGBT comedians Veronica Elizabeth and Kenny Neal host a stand-up comedy performance offering gay and straight perspectives – and everything in between – from the popular monthly show at the historic Stonewall Inn.  Kenny says that he was bored of being just another gay, so he became a writer, comedian and actor dedicated to dispelling stereotypes and proving that straights and gays are equally awful. Laughing Horse @ The Pheonix/19-26 Aug. Midnight. FREE

George Ryegold‘s God-In-A-Bag reveals a different side to everyone’s favourite doctor – a precarious love life, an enduring friendship and a dangerous, earth-shattering new theory. Starring Toby Williams, Hattie Hayridge (Red Dwarf), Dan Mersh (Fresh Meat), Lindsay Sharman and the lovely Milo McCabeUnderbelly, Bristo Square/1-27 Aug. 1:45pm. GET TICKETS

Ginge, the Geodie and the Geek

The Ginge, the Geodie and the Geek are working hard this Fringe. Graeme Rooney, Paul Charlton and Kevin O’Loughlin return to Edinburgh for a forth year, (fresh from filming their new BBC pilot) to bring you a brand new hour of truly uplifting silliness, surrealism and 80’s anthems. Performing the show twice daily there’s now no excuse to miss the biggest selling sketch show at the Fringe.  Just the Tonic at The Caves/2-26 Aug. 4:45pm & 7:45pm GET TICKETS

Rob Cawsey and Gabe Bisset-Smith are Guilt & Shame – a sketch duo that our colleagues over at Gay Times have been raving about. Join them as they go on their quest to find The One (or whoever’s desperate enough). With a night that’s filled with painful sexual encounters, paranoid drug dealers, a grieving transsexual, talking penises and a banging soundtrack – this is one late-night party you don’t want to miss. Underbelly, Cowgate/2-26 Aug. 11:45pm. GET TICKETS

Australian lesbian, Hannah Gadsby returns to the Fringe with two shows for 2012. The clue to the content of Hannah Wants a Wife, is in the title. I hope she finds one in Edinburgh. Whilst, Mary. Contrary, focuses on everyone’s favourite alleged virgin. Gilded Balloon Teviot/1-26 Aug. Various times.

The German comedy ambassador, Henning When, is a fountain of knowledge; he knows there’s no shortcut to success, hard work will eventually pay off and life should mean life. But even Henning doesn’t know which separatist idiot decided to schedule the Olympic Games to coincide with the Fringe. Just the Tonic at the Caves/15-26 Aug. Various times.

Holly Burn

Bonkers Geordie comic Holly Burn is one of the most refreshing acts on the fringe. She may not be to everyone’s taste, but thank God for that. She’s a genuine original – unpredictable, inexplicable, but funny as hell. Make her show a priority. Just the Tonic at The Caves/2-26 Aug. 4:40pm.

James Acaster’s show last year was one of the best on the fringe. If you haven’t seen him yet, you’d be a fool not to this year. He’s a natural comedian – one of those stage presences that is instantly likeable. Moreover, he has strong material to back it up. If you want some guaranteed laughs, you should add his new show to your diary. Pleasance Courtyard/1-26 Aug. 8:15pm.

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Editor’s Theatre Picks

Strip Search

There’s plenty of theatre of LGBT interest at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012. These are our Editor’s Recommendations…

Homo Promos present the return of the superb 2011 Fringe hit, Strip Search. Squaddie is a stripper with a fantasy military act. In a previous life he was a real soldier serving in Iraq. He tells his life story within the frame of a real-time strip, as fantasy and reality collide. Featuring the stunningly strong actor Damola Onadek. SpaceCabaret@54/3-25 Aug. 11:05pm. GET TICKETS

The same company present Locked In – based on the journals of Keith Vaughan (1912-77), a great British painter and friend of the likes of Hockney, Sutherland and Bacon. His diaries are vivid, funny, angry, erotic, despairing. Whether Vaughan is rescuing wounded soldiers in an air raid, standing trial as a spy, having a holiday fling with a sexy young Mexican, writing to the Times about the joys of pornography, or demolishing the claims of pretentious conceptual artists, in this play you are always right there with him. theSpace@Surgeons Hall/13-25 Aug. 12:50pm. GET TICKETS

Made For Each Other

Monica Bauer’s, Made for Each Other, has somehow managed to be the only play about same-sex marriage on the Fringe. This comedy drama about love, loss and Alzheimer’s disease is part of the Free Fringe, so there really is no excuse for missing it. “You are cordially invited to Vincent and Jerry’s wedding. If they go through with it”. Laughing Horse @ Bar 50/15-26 Aug. 4:50pm. FREE

In 1440 Frenchman Gilles De Rais was burned and hanged for the suspected deaths of almost 400 boys. Monstrous Acts is the powerful re-imagining of the last days of one of history’s most horrifying killers and his search for redemption through the love of another tortured soul. Poetic, erotic and moving, Australia’s, ‘Out Cast Theatre’ present a visually stunning story of two men who – faced with their impending deaths – find love and forgiveness in each others’ arms. C Aquila/2-27 Aug. 9:30pm. GET TICKETS

Mr Braithwaite Has a New Boy

The same company produce something completely different, in the gay comedy, Mr Braithwaite Has a New Boy. Harold, a well-to-do but lonely older gentlemen, takes up with young street prostitute, Johnny. “With everyone after a slice of the pie, someone’s bound to get it in the end… You’ll never look at a choc-top in the same way again”. Adoption, inheritance, a raunchy rent boy and “one stressed-out pussy”. C Aquila/2-27 Aug. 6:25pm. GET TICKETS

Boy in a Dress is the story of a third-gendered, fallen Catholic, ex-catwalk model from the wrong side of the tracks. The play combines monologue, song, striptease, postmodern philosophy and vaudeville, and explores gender, class, religion and identity. Stand Comedy Club 3/2-26 Aug. 4:20pm. GET TICKETS

Those gay and bi man amongst us with Smart Phones might well be aware the app, ‘Grindr’. In Confessions of a Grindr Addict, we follow Felix (Gavin Roach) as he shares his secrets about sex and love, whilst preparing for the rarest of things – a real date. Assembly Hall/2-26 Aug. 9pm. GET TICKETS

How (Not) To Make It In Britpop

From playing Glastonbury and Ronnie Scott’s to miming on children’s television, musician turned comedian Rosie Wilby looks back at the emotional roller-coaster of chasing stardom at the heady height of Britpop in a reworked version of her acclaimed 2011 Edinburgh Fringe show. Mixing stand-up, storytelling and songs, How (Not) To Make It In Britpop delves into a personal treasure trove of old photos, fan letters, reviews and her published diaries to investigate the nature of nostalgia. The Bongo Club/10-14 Aug. 2:30pm. GET TICKETS

For more funny theatre check out Strange Hungers, – a self described ‘grubby lesbo freakshow’. Originally devised for Glasgow’s Glasgay! Festival, it’s a joyous deconstruction of lesbian identity, stereotyping and representation throughout history – wrapped up in an energetic, interactive performance that skews the lines between theatre, live art and cabaret. Summerhall/18-19 Aug. 4pm. GET TICKETS

The relationship between mothers, daughters and sisters can be more complicated and subtle than the recipes passed between them. Three sisters convene in the kitchen while their mother is in a coma in the next room. Slice by Mel Giedroyc  is a sweet, darkly comic tale about how a tragedy and baked goods can bring a disparate family back together. Taking her first foray into playwriting, Mel Giedroyc is better known as the comedy partner of Sue Perkins. Gilded Balloon Teviot/4-27 Aug. 1pm.  GET TICKETS


‘Negative Capability’ presents a double bill by Royal Shakespeare Company prize-winning writer Freddy Syborn. Crypted is a tragedy based on the life of Alan Turing, the gay Bletchley Park code breaker chemically castrated by the British government. Meanwhile, Excess is a comic tale of sibling rivalry and sexual identity – when Joe tells his sister he’s getting a sex change she overreacts… C nova/2-26 Aug. Various Times. GET TICKETS

The lifetime ban on gay men donating blood changed to 12 months in October 2011, but what does it mean for gay men who want to save a life? Inspired by a true story, Dirty Blood explores the effect the ban has on one family who are struggling to deal with leukaemia. This is the first play from Scottish playwright, Calum Fleming. theSpace on North Bridge/3-18 Aug. 6:35pm. GET TICKETS


Nggrfg is set to be one of the most talked-about productions of 2012 as audiences struggle to pronounce the name of the show which merges two of the most offensive and controversial words in the English language. Written and performed by award-winning Canadian writer/actor Berend McKenzie, the show is a gripping, true, often funny exploration of the twin evils of homophobia and racism. theSpace on the Mile/3-18 Aug. 9:20pm. GET TICKETS

Our old Friends at the ‘About Turn Theatre Company’ return with Outward Bound by Michele Flatto and Dan Hyde. What makes a gay man and Jewish woman spend the night together? Forced to explore new terrain with Thermos and Tupperware, The Vagina Monologues meets Brokeback Mountain in this new play exploring growing up, coming out and moving on. The play tackles how the education system copes with homosexuality and how people cope with getting older and wiser… theSpace@Surgeons Hall/3-11 Aug. 3:20pm. GET TICKETS

Three Tall Women

In Three Tall Women, a ninety-year-old woman reflects on her life with a mixture of shame, pleasure, regret and satisfaction. She recalls the fun of her childhood and her marriage; when she had an overwhelming optimism for her future. Yet she bitterly recalls the negative events that resulted in regret: her husband’s extramarital affairs, the death of her husband, and the estrangement of her gay son. theSpace@Venue45/4-10 Aug. 8:05pm. GET TICKETS

After walking the wall in the West Bank, becoming Guinness World Record holder for political protests, and chasing arms dealers around the country, Mark Thomas turns his attention to matters closer to home. Bravo Figaro is the true tale of Mark’s father, a self-employed builder with a passion for opera. It is about love, death, fathers and sons, and the search for peace – with a few gags thrown in for luck. Traverse/3rd-25th Aug. Various Times. GET TICKETS

Have you ever fantasised about starting your own religious cult?  That’s the premise behind Rod is God - an imaginative new dark comedy from the people behind Late Night Gimp Fight.  Judging from their other shows, they’re not afraid of risk-taking when it comes to their comedy, and it should be all the better for it. Pleasance Dome/1-27 Aug. 4pm.  GET TICKETS

Going the Green Way

Who said environmentalism was serious? Going Green the Wong Way is the US public media/marketplace/radio commentator Kristina Wong’s comedy about her triumphs and pitfalls in sustainable living. She tracks her journey in the green movement from young environmental martyr to the patron saint of carless Los Angeles living. Venue 13. 4-12 Aug at 10:30am. 19-24 Aug at 7pm. GET TICKETS

Margaret Rutherford never even wanted to take on the role of Miss Marple, for which she won an Oscar. Legendary mystery author Agatha Christie never thought Miss Marple should have been taken to the screen at all, especially not by the comic talent Rutherford. What scandal was uncovered that lead them putting aside their differences to eventually develop a touching friendship? Come and unearth the mystery behind the mystery in Marple, Murder and Me. Performed by Janet Price and directed by Stella Duffy. Gilded Balloon Teviot/4-26 Aug. 3:15pm. GET TICKETS

Who’s Your Daddy? is Johnny O’Callaghan’s critically acclaimed comedy, based on the true story of his struggle against all odds to adopt a Ugandan orphan.  No one expected the single, gay, out of work actor to ever become a father – but a documentary shoot in Africa turned into a nine-month adventure during which he found a son… and discovered himself.  Johnny’s adopted son is a Tutsi. His family fled the Rwandan genocide into Uganda, where his adoption by a single man has set a precedent.  The Assembly Hall/2nd-26th Aug. 10:30pm. GET TICKETS

Tenderpits writer and performer, Anthony Johnston

Written and performed by Anthony Johnston, Tenderpits uses a unique combination of stand-up, physical theatre and performance art to spin a dazzling narrative about immigration and magic. On the back of a mystical moose, a young gay wizard journeys from the wilderness of Canada to New York City – where he buys a gun, crashes a Broadway production of Three Sisters, befriends an illegal Mexican immigrant and goes on a psycho-sexual rampage. Underbelly Cowgate/2-26 Aug. 9:30pm. GET TICKETS

Defiantly and finally, comes Hard Core Pawn, with Mick, Lewis and Shaun.  The show explores aspects of living with a disability, giving the audience a reflective, emotive look through the eyes of working disabled performers. Whilst exploring disability, the performance will also explore every day challenges that we all encounter. theSpace on the Mile/3rd-8th Aug. 9:05pm. GET TICKETS

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