Paul Foot: Still Life

Paul Foot: Still Life

Followers, or rather connoisseurs, of the openly gay Paul Foot will be familiar with the OCD like attention to detail on which his routines are based. ‘Still Life’ takes it to a whole new level – it seems to take an age for his back stage introductory announcement to conclude… even longer for him to talk us through what would happen when the show finally began. Everything had to be just right and there were many false starts. This is all, of course, part of the fun.

More and more people have cottoned on to the humour of Foot. Those pockets of the audience that didn’t ‘get it’ in previous years, were nowhere to be seen tonight. There’s a Pythonesque quality to his material – in that on paper, it really shouldn’t work. I doubt whether anyone but Paul understand why it does.

Satisfyingly, we’ve seen a glimpse of how his humour might work on television. His appearance on Buzzcocks, alongside his friend, Noel Fielding, has proven that his act can translate to the small screen with relative ease. He also proved that he can improvise. That skill was tested successfully tonight when a sketch involving the audience and a stuffed animal, could have gone horribly wrong.

If the execs at the BBC are reading this – give Paul Foot his own show.