Tony Challis

Shows that Tony is reviewing:

3D Hamlet – The Space on the Mile
Adventures of Wound Man – Pleasance Courtyard
Bald Prima Donna – C eca
Belarus Free Theatre – Pleasance Courtyard
Belt up’s The Boy James – C Soco
Bosom Buddies – St George’s West
Cock n Bull Story – New Town Theatre
Confessions of a Mormon Boy – Hill Street Theatre
Curse of the Devil’s Verse – C Soco
Devotion – TheSpace at Surgeons Hall
Doris Day Can Fuck Off – Zoo Southside
Elegy – Whitespace
Eunuchs in my Wardrobe – Assembly George Square
Future Proof – Traverse
Gogol’s Portrait – Quaker Meeting House
Good Death – TheSpace at Venue 45
Kalagora – Zoo Roxy
Llwyth (Tribe) -St George’s West
Mr Darwin’s Tree – Playhouse at Hawke
My Big Gay Italian Wedding – C Chambers St
Real Men Dream In Black And White – Greenside
Clockwork Orange – C Chambers St
Robert Burns: Not In My Name – National Library of Scotland
Shopping and Fucking – Gryphon Venues
Simon Callow’s Tuesday at Tesco’s – Assembly Hall
Sodom – Zoo
Strip Search – TheSpace at North Bridge
Ten Plagues – Traverse
The Ballad of Unbeatable Hearts – Gilded Balloon
The Infection Monologues – TheSpace in North Bridge
The Overcoat – Pleasance Dome
Time for the Good Looking Boy – Pleasance Dome

Sophie Alexander

Shows that Sophie is reviewing:

Attempts On Her Life
DeAnne Smith: The Best DeAnne Smith DeAnne Smith Can Be
Death of a Salesman
Hamlet House of Horror
Margaret Cho: Cho Dependant
Secret Window, Secret Garden
The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik
The Blue Lady Sings Back
Zoe Lyons- Clownbursting

Martin Powell

The shows that Martin Powell is reviewing:

Barry Cryer Innit – Gilded Balloon
Actions – Dance Base
Scottish Dance Theatre – Zoo
Dust – New Town Theatre
Ed Reardon – A Writer’s Burden – Pleasance
The Games – Zoo
I Malvolio – Traverse
Mr Darwin’s Tree – 173
One Night Stan – Assembly
What Remains – Traverse
The Wheel – Traverse
The Wright Brothers – Pleasance


Jodie Fleming-Stanley

Shows that Jodie is reviewing:

Al Murray
Ali Cook
Andi Osho
Beta Males
Betrayal of Penguins
Boom Jennies
Bridget Christie
Card Ninja
Catriona Knox
Chat Masala
Clare Plested
Craig Hill
Croft & Pearce
Dawn of the Dawn
Diane Spencer
Fiona O’loughlin
Ford & Alcram
Gemma Goggin
Hannah Gadsby
Holly Walsh
Hot Tub With Kurt & Kirsten
Jason Byrne
Jason Cook
Jessica Fostekew
Kathryn Ryan
Lashings of Ginger Beer Time
Lunch With Quattro Formagio
Meryl Orourke
Mindreading For Breakfast
Nathan Penlington
Pete Firman
Philipa & Wills Are In A Relationship
Roisin Conarty
Ruby Wax
Sarah Pascoe
Scott Agnew
Scott Capurro
Shakespeare For Breakfast
Sneasons of Liz
Thinking Drinker’s Guide To Alcohol
Tiffany Stevenson
Tom Allen
Vikki Stone
When Woman Wee
Who Are The Jocks?
Will Gracie: In the Closet
Will Hodgson

Brett Herriot

Shows that Brett is reviewing:

Bob Downe: 20 Golden Greats – Gilded Balloon
Evil The Musical – Gryphon Venues
Fabulous Divas Of Hollywood – Spaces@ Surgeon’s Hall
I Love You Your Perfect Now Change – Greenside
I Love You Your Perfect Now Change – The Spaces @ Surgeons Hall
Improvised Musical – C Chambers Street
Jet Set Go! – The Space Niddry Street
Lady Boys Of Bangkok – The Meadows Big Top
Liberace: Live From Heaven – Assembly George Square
Little Shop Of Homos – C Chambers Street
Mr Ken Dee In Cabaret – C Eca
My Judy Journals – The Jazz Bar Chambers Street
Scene Of The Titans – C Chambers Street
Showstopper! – Gilded Balloon
Spring Awakening – C Chambers Street
Spring Awakening – Paradise In Augustine’s
Sweet Charity – C Chambers Street


Angus Wyatt

Shows that Angus is reviewing:

2 Comedians, 1 Bucket – Bar 50
Fresher the Musical – Pleasance Dome
Mythbunking – Underbelly
NewsRevue – Pleasance Courtyard
Briefs – Gilded Balloon
Hi Jinks with the Hamilton’s – Underbelly
Noise Next Door – Pleasance Courtyard
Social Anxiety Network – Laughing Horse @ Espionage
Totally Tom – Underbelly
Oklahomophobia – Imans
Puppetry of the Penis: 3D – Assembly George Square
Sex You (I’m Gonna) – Just the Tonic at the Caves
Showchoir! The Musical – C Venues
Sophie Alderson is Running for President – The Voodoo Rooms
Axis of Awesome – Gilded Balloon
Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek – Just the Tonic at the Caves
Laramie Project – Augustines
Unexpected Items – Gilded Balloon


Rex de Vil

A Slow Air – The Traverse
Anyone for a Witchhunt? – Laughing Horse at the Counting House
Are You Game? With Sonny Spells – The Spaces on the Mile
Are You Happy Now – Kiwi Bar
Eat Your Heart Out – Assembly George Square
Eric Lampaert – Pleasance
Find Me – Paradise at Augustine’s
Hotel Medea – Summerhall
I see Simon – Zoo Roxy Music
James Acaster – Pleasance
Julius Caesar – Laughing Horse
Last Orders – The Traverse
Andi Osho – Pleasance
Man of Valour – The Traverse
Medea’s Children – St George’s West
Mission Drift – The Traverse
No Holes and the Bard – Zoo Southside
Orlando – St George’s West
Sex Lies and Eurovision – Spotlight at the Merchants Hall
Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart – The Traverse
Wheel – The Traverse
Yellow Wallpaper – The Spaces
Tomboy Blues – The Theory of Disappointment – Zoo Southside
Uglies do Edinburgh Gryphon Venues at the Point Hotel
What Remains – The Traverse


The Social Anxiety Network

Dan Wright shares how his anxieties and obsessive personality always lead him into the most ridiculous situations. Tony Jameson has his own battles, responsibilities, relationships and a fear of supermarkets. Tony has the ability to take the smallest audience comment and turn it in to a beautifully crafted routine.

Laughing Horse @ Espionage
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Sophie Alderson is Running for President

From Bunga Bunga to Kim Jong Il’s built up shoes, join Sophie’s unorthodox focus group to find out what makes a great world leader and whether her campaign song’s up to scratch. Keen and Clueless (also the name of her unpenned autobiography), Sophie’s eager to put previous PR disasters behind her (don’t mention Taunton 2007) and front a new wave of political leaders free from scandal.

The Voodoo Rooms
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