2 become 1



Underbelly, Cowgate (Venue 61)

-Aug 28th



I think it’s safe to safe to say that eight long, long, months into 2016 we all long for simpler times. Which is maybe one of the reasons 2 become 1 is such a joyful little show. For an hour we are going back to the land of platform shoes,  Spice Girls and were Philip Schofield is the ultimate DILF. The 1990’s may now be 16 years ago, but it feels a hundred . Get ready to bathe in some rose-tinted nostalgia.

The story, written by Kerrie Thomanson and Natasha Granger is a simple one.  It opens on Jess, hysterically crying into her landline. Her dream man has dumped her, hard. So her squad of girl pals are over to cheer her up and drag her kicking and screaming to try a new dating craze, speed dating.  While the plot is hardly War and Peace it is a glorious nostalgic trip for the audience, packed with great little nods to pop culture and fashion of the time. Of course no 90’s revisit would be complete without some of the songs of the time and the show is stuffed full of them, all with spot-on perfect choreography. Spice girls, Shania Twain, All Saints are all given brilliant live renditions in this warm and funny story about friendship.

It’s expertly done between the 4 leads, all who are extremely funny and each as loveable as the last. Underneath the good humour it does have some very interesting things to say about sex in a time of Girl Power. A time long before we were so reliant on our smart phones to get what we want (what we really, really want).

For an hour sit back, prepare to laugh yourself silly and get swept up in an a Lambrini soaked party of all things 1990.

Martin Miller