Hannah Gadsby

What is your new show, ‘Mrs Chuckles’ all about?
I talk a bit about being uptight and shy. I also talk about what I would like to say when I die. I seem to mention biscuits a lot too. It’s a much more uplifting show than usual.

You’ve also got a second show, ‘Mary, Contrary’.
Yes I do. What’s it about? Well I’m glad you asked… It’s a show about the Virgin Mary in art. I kind of cover the development of western art alongside the development of Mary’s story. It isn’t a diatribe on religion… I try and remain respectful but I have no interest in whether people leave believing. It’s funny too.

You have described yourself as “miserable”. Has success cheered you up
a bit?
Not really. Success has put me up for online hate. That’s kept me tethered. This is your third consecutive Edinburgh Fringe, but your first at this venue.

What made you choose the Gilded Balloon?

Balloons are fun!
Are there any things you particularly like or dislike about Edinburgh,
compared to your native Smithton, Tasmania?
Edinburgh seems to have much death in it’s past. That’s a positive. Everyone
who who has ever been born in Smithton is still alive. Or propped up at least.

Do you have any suggested solutions to the world economic crisis?
Eat less oil.
You’re frequently on television on Adam Hills show in Australia. Do you
prefer TV or performing live?
They are very different beasts. TV is fun because you get your hair and make
up done. Live is rewarding because drunk people get angry at you. I feel I am
really contributing to society in both mediums.
Which other comedians have influenced you?
I don’t compare myself to any comic I admire. It would dilute their qualities. I am
inspired by most female comedians making a crack of it because I’ve often been
told that the ladies can’t do funny. We can and we are doing so in many different
mediums. *tipping my imaginary hat*
Do you have a girlfriend at the moment? If no, what kind of women do you
I do. I am very lucky. I won her on a scratch card on a discount airline. She
looks good in orange.
If you could go on a date with a famous person, who would it be with and
Detective Olvia Benson off law and order special victims unit. The character, not
the actress. I just like her and would like to chat over food instead of a special

Hannah Gadsby: Mrs Chuckles
Gilded Balloon
4.45pm 3-29 August
Hannah Gadsby: Mary. Contrary.
Gilded Balloon
2pm 17-19 & 24-26